Horse Retirement at HorseLink

HorseLink is currently accepting inquiries regarding retiring your horse, but we do typically have a waiting list. If you are interested in retiring your horse with us, please complete our Horse Donation Application or contact us at

HorseLink farm is located in the Bastrop, Texas area and provides a safe and loving home to competition horses retired due to age or injury. We emphasize excellent care and comfort for these horses. With us they gain a renewed sense of purpose and work. Competition horses are accustomed to regular activity and human interaction, and thus are well suited for limited continuation of these activities for their physical and emotional health. Both mares and geldings will be accepted with no minimum or maximum age requirement. Temperament and safety will be key factors considered by HorseLink when accepting horses for retirement. We also evaluate current physical condition and expected future medical expenses.

  • Horses will live outside in pastures with plenty of grass for grazing and shelters for times of inclement weather.
  • A 10-stall barn is available for medical lay-ups or other times of necessity.
  • Horses are fed and given any needed medications twice daily.
The HorseLink - Why it matters

Here are some things to consider when deciding to retire your horse with us:

HorseLinkA mandatory 45-day evaluation period must be completed before HorseLink can formally accept your horse for permanent retirement. This period allows your horse time to understand his or her new surroundings and gives us time to determine whether your horse is a good fit for our programs and that they are happy at the farm.

We also require an ongoing 100% tax-deductible sponsorship fee for your horse at the current rate of $650 a month/$7,800 a year to help meet the costs of your horse’s care for the full duration of his or her life. You are never responsible for farrier or veterinary expenses, an average expense of between $3500 and $4000 a year.

Consider that the costs to our retirement sanctuary are the same as to a boarding barn or individual owner; quality hay, grain, and veterinary and farrier care are costly, and we cannot rely solely on grants and fundraising to ensure the standards of care provided to these special animals.

To be considered for donation at HorseLink, horses must:

  • Be retired from competition or work of any discipline due to injury or advanced age

  • Be current on vaccinations, have proof of negative coggins

  • Have no severe chronic medical treatment requirements

  • Be of acceptable temperament with no dangerous habits such as kicking or biting

  • Be sound at the walk and able to move comfortably around the farm

We appreciate how difficult and worrisome it can be to decide when and where to retire your horse, and we hope to help you and your horse through this transition.


“I am an equine veterinarian and I retired my 25-year old thoroughbred to HorseLink in 2015. When I discovered this program and what they do for horses and people, I knew it was the right place for my horse. As a veterinarian, I see many horses who have served their owners well, but can no longer perform and need a slower life. Horses are living longer and it is nice to know they can have a purpose beyond riding. HorseLink is different and I am so happy my horse and I can be a part of it.”  – Emily, former owner

“HorseLink a win-win for people like me that need to retire their equines, yet, want to help the community with the knowledge that their horse will actually be retired with no riding, only receiving loving hugs and brushes from the attendees of Horselink’s programs.”  – Cindi, previous owner

“I feel very fortunate to have found Horse Link which has given Padi a new career working with people. Horse Link understands that retired show horses have been exposed to so much and have a trustful and giving nature and helping people is what they loved to do. So glad that Padi can be a part of the work HorseLink does with veterans and with those dealing with trauma through illness or loss. This work is so very important in helping people heal and move forward with their lives.”  – Judi, previous owner

“God bless you and HorseLink for caring for these horses in such a humane and altruistic way.”  – Janet, previous owner