Ricky Ricardo

Ricky is our gentle giant. Standing 18 hands tall, he is definitely our largest horse. He was imported from Germany and trained and competed in dressage. Ricky had to retire at the young age of 12 due to bone spurs in his neck, which make it painful for him to execute the physical demands of his work. He is kind and friendly and has no idea how big he is! He is often a favorite with people who attend our programs and we joke he has a fan club. Now 21 years young, he is a very special horse with a tremendous heart and is known for his curiosity and power.

If you love Ricky and would love to contribute to his health and well-being, please consider a sponsorship. Every bit helps to keep our horses fed, healthy, and feeling good to do their important work.


Thank you to Ricky’s sponsors: Russell Oden, Charles Everett, & Desiree Keelty

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