We partner with organizations to provide customized equine coaching and therapy sessions in a group setting.  

Session topics include:  

  • Emotional Resilience & Healthy Relationships 
  • Addiction Recovery & Trauma Support 
  • Leadership & Communication 

Clients include staff & residents from Foundation Communities, residents of Plum Creek Recovery Center, and the kids of ATX Kids Club. If your organization would like to request a customized session, please contact us: or call (512) 360-8499. 

We also periodically offer group workshops covering the topics listed above which are open to all and people may register individually.   



Individuals wishing to experience the power of horses and what they can teach us about living authentically are invited to schedule individual sessions with a HorseLink facilitator.  These sessions can help you identify limiting beliefs, reflect on where you are versus where you wish to be, and help you develop strategies to get from point A to point B.

These one-on-one experiences are tailored to each person’s specific needs. Couples and families are also welcome to schedule these sessions which can be helpful in building or restoring relationships and trust. 

Session participants have reported the following experiences:  

  • Becoming “unstuck”  
  • Learning strategies to manage emotions 
  • Becoming more compassionate for self and others 
  • Becoming open to possibilities 
  • Aligning to inner truth 
  • Trusting self 
  • Merging mind with your heart 
  • Experiencing a release 

Find your path at HorseLink and practice tactics to help you bridge your connection to yourself and others.

 Please note:

  • All horse-human interactions are designed to build on each other, with the pace adjusted for each individual. For this reason, groups are intentionally kept small.
  • NO riding is involved in our programs and NO prior horse experience is needed!
  • Safety is paramount.
Vetarans program - HorseLink
HorseLink Horsepower Program

What are the benefits of equine-assisted learning programs?

Many positive outcomes have been attributed to participating in equine-assisted learning programs, including:

  • Improved relationships. Equine-assisted learning programs can help people set and maintain healthy personal boundaries—one key to more positive interactions.

  • Build trust and inspire: Horses provide the opportunity for safe and rewarding bonding, which can help reduce tension and elevate mood.

  • Increased ability to be present. Horses live “in the moment” and can help us be present too, as we learn to respond rather than unconsciously reacting.

“We are all too often getting analyzed, counseled and medicated, which are important, but [the HorseLink for Veterans program] gives us a hands-on approach to getting our lives back.”  – HorseLink for Veterans program participant

“I left with the belief I can feel again. I don’t know all of the ways I will use what I learned today yet, but I know I can mend relationships with family. I learned I had a lot of guilt, but I think I can let it go.”  – A.S.

“If you have something holding you back in life, the horses and workshop will help you leave it behind. I love the horses!”  – HorseLink for Veterans partcipant

“[This program] is the best thing ever! It is worth the time.”  – E.H.

“This program works and it is OK to tap into your emotions. THANK YOU!”  – Angel

“I recommend this program. The support “talks” are so worth it and the horse talks are epic!”  – H.E., HorseLink for Veterans participant