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The HorseLink - Why it matters

The Horses We Serve

Contrary to popular belief, most horse owners are not wealthy. Since the economic downturn of 2008, many competition horses in particular have been abandoned, sent to slaughterhouses, or “put out to pasture” by their owners. Used to stimulation and human companionship, those horses that survive often don’t thrive. Simply finding a safe, affordable option for horse retirement is a challenge for horse owners whose horses have been deemed worthless, no longer able to compete.

At HorseLink, we provide a permanent, loving home, veterinary care, enrichment and purpose to these loving and intelligent animals for the remainder of their lives. We know that these horses are actually invaluable by what they can give humans and deserve gratitude after years of service and hard work.

The People We Serve

People come to HorseLink at all different ages, from different backgrounds and for different reasons. Many have experienced a recent loss: of a loved one, a marriage, their health, or a way of life.

They are not “broken,” nor are they necessarily “horse people.” Rather, they are individuals in transition who seek to reconnect with themselves and others through equine-assisted programs emphasizing empowerment, self-awareness, and acceptance.

Our facilitators work with each participant within a group, choosing a horse-partner and designing interactive exercises based on each person’s needs. For one person, it may begin with just getting comfortable around a horse and earning his or her trust. For another, it might include gaining confidence and awareness through grooming, working in the round pen, learning to give spoken commands or to “read” body-language cues. No riding is involved and safety is paramount.

“The horse is a gift to us, to humanity. And for that, there comes responsibility. If the horse is gonna work for you and work with you, then the best thing I can do for the horse is to make it as good a life possible.”    — Buck Brannaman