Corporate Volunteering

corporate volunteeringHorseLink is always interested in forming Corporate support relationships to help us build awareness of our work and how, we, as a community, can improve the quality of life for horses and people who deserve an environment full of love and fulfillment.

We regularly host groups from organizations both large and small to help at HorseLink farm. Groups can arrange to participate in a Grooming Day, which is essentially a spa day for the horses where we bathe, groom, and pamper our horses. We are also welcoming of groups who can help out with a work day around the farm—clearing brush, painting fences, cleaning water troughs—you name it- there is always work to be done!

Please contact us at to schedule a volunteer day for your organization.


“This was a full encompassing workshop. I would love to hang out with the horses more. I recommend this program. Go for it!” – S.D., Horse Power Participant