Liberty is a 24-year-old quarter horse mare. She has suffered with Laminitis, a painful hoof disease, so can no longer tolerate being ridden. We don’t know much about a lot of her life, but do know she had some rough years, which make her a little slow to warm up and trust people. She worked in many western disciplines throughout her life and was lovingly brought back to health by her previous owners. Liberty requires calm and patience when earning her trust, but once you do, she is sweet, loving, and an extremely safe horse. She excels in her work with people and we are amazed by how intuitive and giving she is.

If you love Liberty and would love to contribute to her health and well-being, please consider a sponsorship. Every bit helps to keep our horses fed, healthy, and feeling good to do their important work.


Thank you to Liberty’s sponsors: Janet Marland, Julie Valentine, & Nancy O’Bryant Puentes

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