Individual Volunteer Opportunites

Here are some of ongoing volunteer opportunities.

Horse Leader*

Provide help with set-up and take down and with horse handling during our veterans and trauma programs as well as periodic grooming days we host with different populations. These are full-day or half-day jobs which require significant horse handling experience.

*This position requires that you have considerable horse experience and are comfortable catching, leading, tying, and being around horses. The above volunteer position will require attendance at a short training session before conducting a volunteer assignment.

Barn Buddy*

Help out with barn chores and general farm upkeep. Duties include things such as feeding, grooming, cleaning stalls and water troughs, and other miscellaneous barn chores.  Again, experience with and knowledge of horses is helpful.

*The above volunteer position requires a general knowledge of horses and horse care as well as being confident and comfortable around them.

Special Events

Helping at special events, such as our annual fundraiser and other events throughout the year.


Helping with administrative duties central to fundraising campaigns—things such as stuffing envelopes, record keeping, thank you phone calls, etc.


“God bless you and HorseLink for caring for these horses in such a humane and altruistic way.”
–Janet, Previous Owner