Our Staff

Julie Puentes
Executive Director

Julie Puentes Facilitator

Julie Puentes is the founder and director of HorseLink. She received her Master of Science degree in Organizational Leadership & Ethics from St.Edward’s University and her BA in Psychology from the University of Texas.

Julie is a lifelong horse person and rider with fourteen years’ experience facilitating Equine-Assisted Learning programs. She is a trained facilitator in the Epona Method, completing a comprehensive 14-month program at Leadership Outfitters in Bozeman, Montana and several workshops with Linda Kohanav of Eqonaquest.

Laura Harvey
Ranch Manager

Lynne and Persia

We cannot emphasize enough how important Laura is to our operations.  Laura oversees the feeding and care of our horses, a very big job. She keeps our herd fed, healthy, and happy, ensuring they get the supplements and medications they need, treating injuries, and grooming them to keep them looking sharp! A lifelong horsewoman, Laura competes in barrel racing with horses of her own. She enjoys spending time with her granddaughter and teaching kids of all ages the joys of horsemanship.

“It’s difficult to find an adjective strong enough to convey the effect Saturday had on me but words like profound and transformative come to mind. I feel a shift in my world view occurred though I am still processing the experience. I know for sure Ricky Ricardo touched a wounded part of me in a gentle and healing way that years of human therapy have not been able to touch.  I would 100% recommend this program to anyone. I am quite sure I will remember this all of my life.” –C.E.