Emotionally Intelligent Leadership by Equine Teachers

Say good-bye to boring meetings and PowerPoint presentations and your ‘run of the mill- you never use it back in the office’ training approaches.  Try something unique, transformative, enjoyable, and effective for leadership development and team building.

Horses are masters at teaching the components of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. In this workshop, you will gain clarity on both your superpowers and the habits and beliefs that are not serving you. And you will have fun in a beautiful, natural setting with our incredible horses.

Objectives and Outcomes include:

  • Explore what it means to show up authentically.
  • Gain greater self-awareness and appreciate how your behavior impacts others.
  • Identify your patterns of behavior that hinder or enhance your ability to connect with others.
  • Increase your ability to remain present and have clarity even under stress and pressure.
  • Gain tools to resolve conflicts more quickly and effectively.
  • Transform your communication with others through enhanced listening skills and appreciating the power of non-verbal communication.Understand the benefits of viewing leadership as a collaborative, creative, and dynamic partnership with others.

No riding is involved, and no horse experience is necessary.

Skilled professionals ensure that safety and enjoyment are the emphases.

Half-day and full-day workshops are available.

Leadership with horses

Working with horses offers the unique opportunity to:

  • Strengthen your nonverbal communication skills

  • Develop your emotional and social intelligence

  • Create a trust-based partnership

  • Increase your adaptability

  • Inform conscious choices in your life rather than reacting based on ingrained habits

  • Enhance your levels of initiative and commitment

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“Just do it! Especially if you don’t know anything about horses. They are amazing teachers.”

“I would definitely recommend and tell all to attend this program. Come with an open mind and heart and accept its gifts.”

“You will be transformed in ways that are hard to describe in words. Horses are wonderful teachers and the workshop was beautifully facilitated.”

“Wonderful leadership lessons and self-reflection.”