Facilitator Training Program

In partnership with Equine Assisted Learning Center, Horselink offers the Facilitator Training Program in Equine Assisted Learning, based on the Eponaquest principles. Sharing our combined knowledge is a way to expand the possibilities of this dynamic work and to expand the reach of Horselink programs. This program provides opportunities to deepen the understanding of the relationship between horses and humans.

The training will guide prospective Equine Assisted Learning facilitators in gaining proficiency in this emerging field. Throughout, the training the focus will be on inspiring the process of self-knowledge, and developing skills and experiences to create an Equine Assisted Learning program that honors horses as valued and respected members of a team.

Upon graduation, participants will receive a certificate of completion which allows them to use the Eponaquest approach/process, which qualifies them to provide Equine Assisted Learning program for groups and individuals and to facilitate HorseLink programs.

facilitator training

facilitator trainingThis in-depth program is suitable for someone who has experience in a profession that involves working with people and/or one that works with horses. You are a good candidate for this program if you already work in a helping profession such as therapists, coaches, educators, facilitators, physical therapists, massage therapist, doctors, nurses, or equine professionals such as riding instructors, horse trainers, and equine body-workers. Extensive horse experience and owning a horse or access to a horse/horses will also be a requirement to participate in this training.

During the program you will be mentored and evaluated in key areas. If you need to increase your competencies in any area we may recommend some extra resources outside of the training.

Our next facilitator training program will be offered beginning in January of 2024. Attendance at a prerequisite workshop is required in order to apply for this training.

  1.  One Power of Possibility workshop offered in November 2023.

The training will consist of five three-day sessions approximately four weeks apart with one zoom meeting between our in-person meetings. Homework and practice will also be assigned throughout the program.


To learn more or to request an application (email or call 512-360-8499.

“This program brought me greater awareness of how I interact with people and how I can improve those interactions.” — N.S., Horse Power Participant