How You Can Help HorseLink

When you make a tax-deductible gift to HorseLink, your donation does double duty. It helps provide sanctuary, continuing care and purpose to horses after their competitive lives are done. This, in turn, enables us to help people in need—using horses’ healing combination of patience, strength and total acceptance.

Did you know…?

  • Cost to implement one 4-week program: $5,000
  • Cost to care for one horse per year: $6,000
Ways you can help HorseLink

Water for one day for a participant OR one 5-lb bag of carrots


Participant workbook & journal OR one fly-prevention treatment


One portable chair for a participant OR one bag of feed


Water and snacks for an advanced program OR one farrier visit for a horse


Two program days of lunch & snacks OR one round bale of hay

Special Ways to Give:

HorseLink - How you can helpSponsor a Participant

At HorseLink, we are committed to ensuring that people who want and need help and receive it, regardless of their financial situation. For that reason, we offer our HorseLink for Veterans and Horse Power programs for cancer and trauma survivors, for free to our participants in need. While our participants don’t pay for our services, offering these services does come at significant cost. We rely on the generosity of the community and our fundraising efforts to make this possible. If you would like to help us continue to provide these valuable services, you may choose to donate the equivalent for a participant to attend one of our programs knowing you are a part of helping people get the help they need without the worry and stress of another financial burden. $250 provides the funds for a participant to attend a 1-day program and $1000 provides the funds for someone to attend our entire advanced program.


HorseLink - How you can helpSponsor a Horse

We have some pretty special horses at HorseLink farm and if you too have fallen in love with one of them, or are simply interested in sponsoring one of the horses, your monthly gift of $25 or more will be allocated to specifically support the horse of your choosing. Please see Our Horses so the lucky horse can be notified of his/her new sponsor.


HorseLink Leadership ProgramMemorial Donations

Have you have lost a loved one or pet that would find peace in the company of horses? Donate in honor of that special soul. You may feel a sense of comfort knowing this contribution will help HorseLink continue to provide a safe retirement sanctuary for horses that have touched lives. We will post a dedication to your special someone commemorating their importance in your life.


“”This was a full encompassing workshop. I would love to hang out with the horses more. I recommend this program. Go for it!” –S.D., Horse Power Participant