Kicks is a sweet thoroughbred and is in his mid-twenties. He gets along with everyone and has recently returned to HorseLink after living with his previous owner for the past four years. We were so happy to welcome him back. He has taken up residence with Zac as his companion after Fallon passed away and he is being very respectful allowing Zac to be accustomed to living with a new friend.  Kicks is very sociable and excels in his job helping people. Many ask about his name fearing he named after a behavior, but the truth is much better. His registered name is Route 66, so naturally he is (and gets his) Kicks! He loves treats and attention, so he is good fit for HorseLink!

If you love Kicks and would love to contribute to his health and well-being, please consider a sponsorship. Every bit helps to keep our horses fed, healthy, and feeling good to do their important work.

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