The Toll of Loss and Promise of a Brighter Future

As many of you know, it has been a very sad and challenging year so far for HorseLink®. We lost three of our beloved horses in two months and had a fire scare. The grief and fatigue have been formidable.

One of these horses was Julie Puentes’ horse of twenty-six years and the inspiration behind the founding of HorseLink®, Big Head Todd. We also lost his brother, Roman, and our wonderful Fallon.

With these painful losses also came large, unexpected veterinarian bills for care and the costs of dealing with post-death necessities. In honor of those who have passed on and with respect to those still receiving care, we ask you to help replenish the depleted emergency veterinarian fund.

This fundraiser also serves as a personally significant memorial to Todd and Roman, both of whom would have celebrated their birthdays with Julie this month: Julie on April 17th, Todd on April 18th, and Roman on April 28th.

The herd is healing and will soon welcome new friends. Thank you for helping HorseLink® be ready for future emergency medical needs.

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Spring Programs Bring Hope

Both Horse Power Workshops this year have been sold out and participants have provided wonderful feedback on their experiences and renewed hope for healing. Our focus is on establishing connection and trust to aid in the healing process. As always, a mental health professional or recovery specialist and a trained facilitator specializing in equine-assisted learning ensures a positive and safe experience. Stay tuned for more workshops!