Emotional Resilience & Healthy Relationships

Emotional Resilience & Healthy Relationships

Recent research has provided some stunning insights into the healing power of human connection. We are hardwired for social connection, and having a strong relationship with ourselves, friends, family, and our community plays a significant role in our emotional and physical well-being.

We are like horses in our need for strong social bonds. Horses live in herds and form strong social connections to ensure their safety and health. Additionally, horses have survived for millions of years by utilizing a keen sense of awareness and emotional resilience, lessons they naturally share with us when we are in their presence.

Leave with an understanding of how healthy relationships can lessen the impact of anxiety, depression, and loneliness and positively affect our emotional and physical health.

We currently partner with Foundation Communities in offering our Healthy Relationships Program. If your organization would like to bring groups to our workshops, please email us info@thehorselink.org or call (512) 360-8499.

No horse experience necessary. No riding of horses is involved.


Working with horses offers the unique opportunity to:

  • Strengthen your nonverbal communication skills

  • Develop your emotional and social intelligence

  • Create a trust-based partnership

  • Increase your adaptability

  • Inform conscious choices in your life rather than reacting based on ingrained habits

  • Enhance your levels of initiative and commitment

 Email for more information or call 512-360-8499.

“It’s difficult to find an adjective strong enough to convey the effect Saturday had on me but words like profound and transformative come to mind. I feel a shift in my world view occurred though I am still processing the experience. I know for sure Ricky Ricardo touched a wounded part of me in a gentle and healing way that years of human therapy have not been able to touch.  I would 100% recommend this program to anyone. I am quite sure I will remember this all of my life.”  – C.E.