Horse Power: Emotional Resilience, Personal Power, and Connection.

This equine-assisted learning & therapy program is for anyone struggling with addiction recovery or trauma. By interacting with a powerful, sentient animal, equine-assisted learning & therapy helps you gain insight into emotions, relationships and patterns of behavior.

Our focus is on establishing connection and trust to aid in the healing process. Horses are prey animals and, unlike dogs or cats, must be hyper-vigilant of their environment to “be safe.” They do not trust unconditionally. Thus humans have to work to gain their trust and cooperation. Horses extend trust and feel safe with those who are congruent, where one’s internal emotional state matches their external behavior and body language. 

A mental health professional or recovery specialist and a trained facilitator specializing in equine-assisted learning will ensure a positive and safe experience.

Please note: NO riding is involved in our programs and NO prior horse experience is needed! Safety is paramount. All horse-human interactions are designed to build on each other, with the pace adjusted for each individual. For this reason, groups are intentionally kept small, with a maximum of six participants.

HorseLink Horsepower Program

Benefits of Equine-Assisted Learning include:

  • Greater emotional resilience.  Are we generally able to weather the ups and downs of life? That’s emotional resilience. Horses teach us how to ride out the storms of our emotions–and gain valuable insight along the way

  • More authentic communication. Are we saying what we mean, and meaning what we say? Often, our voice and body language give us away. Horses respond not to what we say, but to how we say it

  • Recognizing your strengths and expressing your authentic self. Doing so allows you to live more joyfully.

  • Healthier boundaries. Do we give away so much of ourselves that we feel empty, or so little that we feel alone? Equine-assisted learning programs can help people set (and maintain) healthy personal boundaries, discovering how to access the body’s wisdom to be present and grounded in the moment

HorseLink Horsepower Program

Each 4-hour session is $65. For those needing financial assistance, partial and full scholarships are available.

Introductory Program

Phase I of the program consists of a one-day introductory workshop. Here you will learn the basics of safe interaction with horses—always our number one concern. (Again, no riding is involved in either phase.) You will also learn about the elements of self-care, including mindfulness, trusting intuition, and understanding emotional and physical cues.

Upcoming Horse Power Introductory Classes:
TBD: Summer and Fall 2021

Phase II

Phase two consists of two half-day workshops, each with its own theme which builds upon the skills learned in phase one. You must complete the Introductory program before attending these sessions.

I. Strengthening Relationships: Saturdays, April 24 & May 15,  9:00am-1:00pm

In this workshop, you will acquire skills for authentic and clear communication and how to maintain effective boundaries with others in ways that inspire trust, respect, and cooperation.

II. Empowerment: Saturday, Date TBD

In this workshop, you will learn how to use intention, focus, and all the previously learned skills to take meaningful action and accomplish the outcomes you desire. You may also gain insight about the times you get in your own way and create barriers to achieving what you want.

Pay It Forward

HorseLink is founded and operated on the idea of reciprocity. We do charge a small fee to attend our Horse Power or HorseLink For Veterans programs, but we never want to money to the reason someone does not receive the support they need and want. We understand that charging a fee for these services could be a barrier for many to benefiting from the special gift of working with horses. Therefore, we always provide an option to receive a scholarship to attend our programs. We are able to do this in part due to our Pay It Forward initiative.

If you feel moved by your experience with the HorseLink horses and if you would like to allow others to experience this transformative work, we ask you to Pay It Forward. There are significant costs to produce our programs: facility maintenance, horse care, facilitators, staff, and more!

You will have the opportunity upon completion of your program to voluntarily donate as much or as little as would like and can afford in order to Pay It Forward to future participants. Thank you!


Please email the completed application and assessment to or call 512-360-8499 for more information.

“I learned that setting my own boundaries establishes a mutual connection and respect. I also learned the importance of checking in with myself.”  – J.D.

“The most valuable part for me was overcoming anxiety to do what I wanted to do. I learned when I get triggered, I need to breathe and come back to the present where it is safe.”  – A.M.

“I felt internal strength that has wavered so much lately. Regrouping is so important. I LOVED this!”  – Program participant

“Phenomenal experience today. Words cannot describe it.”  – Program participant