Facilitator Training

In partnership with Equine Assisted Learning Center, Horselink offers the Facilitator Training Program in Equine Assisted Learning, based on the Eponaquest principles. Sharing our combined knowledge is a way to expand the possibilities of this dynamic work and to expand the reach of Horselink programs. This program provides opportunities to deepen the understanding of the relationship between horses and humans.

The training will guide prospective Equine Assisted Learning facilitators in gaining proficiency in this emerging field.  Throughout the training the focus will be on inspiring the process of self-knowledge and developing skills and experiences to create an Equine Assisted Learning program that honors horses as valued and respected members of a team.

facilitator training

Upon graduation, participants will receive a certificate of completion which allows them to use the Eponaquest approach/process, which qualifies them to provide Equine Assisted Learning program for groups and individuals and,, if approved, to facilitate HorseLink programs.

facilitator trainingThis in-depth program is suitable for someone who has experience in a profession that involves working with people and/or one that works with horses. You are a good candidate for this program if you already work in a helping profession such as therapists, coaches, educators, facilitators, physical therapists, massage therapist, doctors, nurses or equine professionals such as riding instructors, horse trainers, and equine bodyworkers.

There will be a minimum requirement of horse experience to apply for the program. During the program you will be mentored and evaluated in key areas. If you need to increase your competencies in any area we may recommend some extra resources outside of the training.

A prerequisite workshop is required to apply for the Facilitator Training Program. It will be offered twice prior the training start date in March 2020.

The Power of Possibility: Choosing The Life You Want

September 26-29, 2019
January 16-19, 2020

You must attend one of these workshops to apply and be accepted into the facilitator training program.

The next Facilitator Training Program will be begin in March 2020.


To learn more or to request an application or call 512-360-8499.

“With innovative backgrounds in trauma-informed practices and corporate leadership development, Lynne, Sarah, and Julie have created a supportive scaffolding in which I was able to re-connect with my most authentic, and incidentally long-ago forgotten essence of who I really am, and then re-build, emerging with growth and transformation I didn’t know was possible. The scaffolding has become a trellis; I feel deeply rooted, nourished, and vibrant with life and yet-to-be-revealed potential.”  – Marty Wolins

“Delivered with a spirit of heart-centered leadership, the well thought out exercises and experiences of the Facilitator Training Program provided an enlightening journey into the portal of the healing potential of the horse/human connection. I feel well stocked with practical skills and tools to create the conditions for others to experience the magic of this work.”  – Patricia

“Julie, Lynne and Sarah at HorseLink are experienced, knowledgeable, easy-going, and very supportive coaches in the Equine Assisted Learning Training Program.  Their work— in tandem with the sublime work of their horses—has facilitated growth and healing among us all.  We have learned to ask respectfully of the horses, observe their reactions, make adjustments in ourselves, and learned what we needed from the horses’ immediate feedback. It has been a tremendously rewarding privilege to overcome some personal challenges and find joyful partnerships between ourselves and the horses in the serene countryside at HorseLink.

Thanks to all who contributed to creating this program!”  – Pamela