Sophie hails from Kansas, but she made her home here in Texas with her person who fell in love with her picture on TX Sporthorse Facebook page during a bout with the flu.  Her previous owner says she is her heart horse and credits her with getting her through some extremely difficult times. Unfortunately she developed ringbone in 2022 at the age of 18.  Sophie was always raring to go and loved to jump courses and gymnastics, so news of  her retirement was hard to take. She was a barn favorite at Scattered Oaks in Manor. She is gentle and kind. We are excited to share her generous spirit with people who need it.

She is also the perfect new companion for Zac, who lost both of his pasture mates this year. They are already quite the cute couple and we know they will be an incredible team.

If you love Sophie and would like to contribute to her health and well-being, please consider a sponsorship. Every bit helps to keep our horses fed, healthy, and feeling good to do their important work.

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