Padishah (Padi)

Padi is a 23-year-old Ukrainian Warmblood who trained through Grand Prix level dressage, but showed through Prix St. George.  He comes from Olympic bloodlines as his sire, Ikhor, won the Gold for the Soviet Union at the 1968 Olympics. Padi came to the U.S. as an 8-year old and showed for several years at the Prix St. George level, but developed an ongoing lameness issue in his front feet. After a few years of turnout and recovery, his most recent owner was able to bring him back and show for a couple of years, however, when he pulled a suspensory ligament, it was time for him to retire. Padi is a small horse with a large personality. He quickly became a calm and respected leader in the herd and remains the leader today. Padi is known for exceptionally sweet moments where he gives “Padi hugs.” He lost an eye in 2016, but it has not slowed him down at all.

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