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Find Your Voice……Speak Your Truth

We invite you to come and play with us – Julie Puentes, Bridgette Parent Reid, Margaret Webb and the HorseLink Herd – for what is bound to be a special day in Bastrop, TX (an easy 45 minute drive from Austin).

With technology and non-stop online connections as part of our daily lives things can feel chaotic causing us to lose connection with the inner voice of our authentic selves. It is a welcome gift to be able to unplug for a day and really listen to and hear that voice. Our inner voice is important because it connects us with what we believe and what matters to us most. We can silence the noise and frenzy in order to communicate our message, our wants, and our needs with greater clarity.  

Combine this with some amazing four-legged teachers, the HorseLink herd, and we will create opportunities for participants to play with…

  • shifting from a place of reaction to deliberate response
  • listening to one’s authentic self
  • noticing what it feels like in the body to acknowledge and speak/act in truth
  • recognizing patterns that may emerge in similar interactions with family/co-workers/friends
  • taking responsibility for the energy we bring to a situation and standing strong in our authenticity

When you are not in touch with your authentic self you cannot show up fully as the person you want to be. This leads to an undercurrent of frustration, irritation, annoyance,or apathy. We become numb to our own wants and needs, thus they are never met. It can feel uncomfortable to begin using your power and voice because putting your own needs aside is a habit, an old pattern. We know this and we want to help you create new patterns!!

During this powerful workshop, we help you access your authentic voice and use it, allowing you the time and space to play with what this looks and feels like with teachers who will simply respond (or not) to the authentic energy that you show up with. The horses LOVE it when we take care of ourselves because it means that we are capable of leading and keeping the herd safe. What wonderful lessons they can teach us!!

You can trust that you will encounter the exact experience that your soul needs for its highest personal growth right now. One of the participants last year said she got more in this one day than she would have with 20 years of therapy! Seriously! And this is the thing, we never know what’s going to come out of these Equus days. We just show up and let the magic unfold. 

**Snacks and beverages will be provided. Participants will bring their own lunch. (If you prefer to have a lunch from SNAP Kitchen provided, there will be an extra charge.) 

No horse experience necessary! We will not be riding the horses and all of the activities take place on the ground.