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The Power to Lead$550.00

HorseLink Leadership Program

The Power to Lead  is a two-day intensive workshop that explores your personal goals and  teaches practical skills which help you be a more effective and authentic leader, both  professionally and personally.

Over two days, be empowered with the leadership skills great horsemen develop through interacting with these majestic creatures. Learn how to utilize energy and power to achieve desired results and practice using different styles of leadership to reach common goals.

Developing Horse Sense enables you to embody the leadership principles of presence, calmness, and focus.

Based on the revolutionary model, The Five Roles of the Master Herder developed by Linda Kohanav, the workshop is organized and delivered by a team of experienced leadership and personal development professionals, Sarah Janosik, LCSW, Lynne Silver, MA and Julie Puentes, MS.   

Master Herders employ a sophisticated understanding of leadership and group cohesion as they move through seasonal grazing lands, facing predators, and dealing with changing climates/resources along the way. This knowledge, virtually lost to modern “civilized” leaders, is based on the little-known fact that among cattle and horses, the herd leader and the herd dominant are often different animals.


  • Employ the roles of Leader, Dominant, and Nurturer / Companion, Sentinel and Predator
  • Use emotions as information in professional and personal settings
  • Develop a mindfulness practice that assists the person in choosing intentional behaviors verses emotional reactivity.
  • Identify values that will motivate actions to goals
  • Develop skills to move beyond limiting behavior and thought patterns to achieve optimal performance

No riding is involved and no horse experience is necessary.

This workshop satisfies a pre requisite requirement for our Facilitator Training scheduled to begin in 2020.