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“Authentic U!,”  is an in-depth two-day workshop that invites participants on an important journey of self-discovery through the lens of equine-assisted learning. Encounter your true identity as you learn to be authentically present in relationships, guided by the wisdom and intuitive connection fostered with our equine partners. Join us for an immersive experience where horses become mirrors, reflecting the authenticity within, and nurturing genuine connections with both yourself and others.

Intended outcomes include:

  • Feeling more connected to your heart and others
  • Improve your ability to set boundaries and enforce them while also respecting others’ boundaries.
  • Release anxiety and build confidence.
  • The ability to make informed, conscious choices in life, rather than reacting based on ingrained habits.
  • Live more joyfully and trust your intuition.

Are you ready?

$350 per person

Box lunch provided

Horse Power Registration

No riding is involved * No horse experience is necessary.

Ages 18 and up.